September 2019

We had a fantastic graduation today, thanks to you all

August 2019

Medical supplies have arrived in the port at Freetown in a container shared between us and various other hospitals. We need to find the funds to clear them through customs. It includes dressings materials, needles, canulas, etc, bedlinen and hospital gowns, towels, reference books and more.

Meanwhile some medicines have arrived separately so at least we can start using them.

July 2019 – Introducing the European International University (EIU)

EIU-Paris, the European International University, is partnering with the Dura Institute of Development and Management Studies (DIDAMS College) to offer degree courses in Sierra Leone and more widely in West Africa. DIDAMS College is accredited in Sierra Leone by the Tertiary Education Council (TEC), the National Council for Technical Vocational (NCTVA), and a number of other academic awarding bodies such as the Ministry of Technical and Higher Education and the Western Area Rural District Council (WARDC). EIU is incorporated as an international private independent provider of higher education, university education and post-secondary education and is registered in Paris. EIU is recognized not only by the Ministry of Labour in France but also by the Accreditation Service for International Schools (ASIC), which is in turn recognized by the UK government. This strategic partnership will provide students with access to high-quality education within the context of their own local experience and job demands – with the assurance that EIU-Paris is handling assessment of their learning and, in due course, the conferment of qualifications on completion.  The focus will initially be on Business Management and Professional Teacher Education – with courses available both on the campus and on-line.

March 30th 2019

Graduation day from DIADEMS for 210 students AND we became a university. Councillors and members of parliament in attendance. See some pictures here.

November 2018

Check out DIDAMS new computer lab and see the details of the library we’re trying to build. Help needed!


Computer Lab

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