DIADEMS is now a university! See here. Here are some photos.

In 2017 the Dura foundation established the “Dura Institute of Development and Management Studies (DIDAMS).

Computer Lab


PHOTO-2017-11-04-16-21-14DIDAMS offers certificate and Diplomas for now in fields relating to Business Management Studies, Nursing and Public Health, Driving, Building, Construction and Electrical Installation and Social Work.

First located in Deep-Eye Water, off new Freetown Waterloo Highway, the campus has now been relocated to the ideal Quaker lodge at Limba Corner.

PHOTO-2018-06-01-09-59-55With splendid infrastructures and spacious landspace, DIDAMS is poised for future expansion. DIDAMS is now a registered tertiary institution with Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) and an affiliate of the internationally-renowned “Flowers School of Technology and Management” in UK, Germany and Ghana.

PHOTO-2017-12-23-19-31-37With Abdul RahmanKamara as Proprietor/Principal, sizeable number of Lecturers, Instructors and Administrative Staff, coupled with a student roll of 100 plus, DIDAMS has on Saturday 14th July, 2018 had its first Matriculation and Graduation Programme.

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