The “Dura Foundation Clinic” has been opened in a massive structure which construction was done with resources mainly provided by the Founder, Dorothy Pearce Centre and few other philanthropists.

Located in Limba Corner Village in Rokel Village Area, off Freetown Waterloo Highway, “Dura Foundation Clinic” has since 2017 to date, been making impact in the lives of residents. Records speak of tens of operation cases like removal of hernias, appendicitis, growths, etc. Inclusive also, are pre and post maternal services being rendered.

The Dura Foundation Clinic’s uniqueness can be mirrored from the fact that all these levels of treatments and care were done on gratis basis, only drugs were bought on cost  – recovery basis.

Patients were and still are coming to the clinic from as far as Tombo, Shenge, Freetown, Koya and other distant places. 

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