Sierra Leone is still faced with many socio-economic challenges which have being impeding development, thus adversely affecting the living standard of people.

According to statistics of the 2015 National Population and Housing Census, most of the communities in the country especially in the rural areas and even parts of urban settlements in cities, are without pipe-borne water system, schools, colleges, markets, hospitals, clinics as well as other facilities for the healthy living of citizens.

Appreciably, past and present governments have and still making gains in addressing these myriad of socio-economic challenges.

Coupled to these strides, non-governmental organisations – both local and international, donor agencies and friendly countries through their embassies have been contributing to Sierra Leone’s march to social growth and national development.

In light of the above scenario, a philanthropist, peace activist and scholar, by the name of Abdul Rahman Kamara who has lived in the United Kingdom for close to eighteen years, was moved with passion to contribute in addressing lapses within constituency 111 of Western Rural Area – especially in Rokel, Yams Farm, Devil Hole, Limba Corner, John Thorpe and Deep Eye Water Communities.

Returning home on holiday in 2010, Abdul Rahman Kamara (AKA Dura) was moved with sense of humanity to set up the then “Abdul Kamara Foundation” which has metamorphosed to the “Dura Foundation” in 2017.

Headquartered in Rokel, the Foundation which is registered with the Western Area Rural District Council with Abdul Rahman Kamara as Founder and Executive Director has the following as its aims and objectives:

  1. To serve as a charitable body in assisting less privileged residents especially children, women, aged and youths in Western Rural Area.
  2. To contribute to the education sector through opening of schools, colleges and even assisting established learning institutions with teaching and learning materials.
  3. To liaise with the Ministry of Education, WARDC, Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs, NGOs, CBOs and Donors in Project Implementation in its areas of operation.
  4. To seek funds for projects relating to rehabilitation of feeder roads, school structures, hospitals, peripheral health units (PHUs) in communities of its operation.
  5. To promote girl-child education, youth training programmes, water sanitation and hygiene for residents across Western Rural Area.
  6. To serve as a catalyst with both central and local governments for actualisation of policies and programmes relating to community development.
  7. To achieve by 2027 quality academic and technical education for majority of youths, affordable and accessible health opportunity and tertiary level of education for persons needing them within Western Rural Area in general and specifically across Constituency 111.


“Dura Foundation” transited from “Abdul Kamara Foundation” in 2017.

After a comprehensive needs assessment survey was done by a team of committed Sierra Leoneans headed by the Founder and Executive Director (Abdul Rahman Kamara – who is holder of several certificates and degrees relating to peace and Conflict Studies, Research Methodology, Philosophy, Development Studies And International Criminal Law And Transitional Justice), these findings were appraised, analysed and prioritised in tandem with the expected beneficiaries.

Three development needs emerged as topical for addressing so as to boost the living conditions of people and contribute to community development within Constituency 111.

These are: health, primary education and tertiary education. These three components now form the thrust of Dura Foundation’s interventions.


The “Dura Foundation Clinic” has been opened in a massive structure which construction was done with resources mainly provided by the Founder, Dorothy Pearce Centre and few other philanthropists.

Located in Limba Corner Village in Rokel Village Area, off Freetown Waterloo Highway, “Dura Foundation Clinic” has since 2017 to date, making impact in the lives of residents. Records speak of  tens of operation cases like removal of hernias, appendicitis, growths, etc. Inclusive also, are pre and post maternal services being rendered.

The Dura Foundation Clinic’s uniqueness can be mirrored from the fact that all these levels of treatments and care were done on gratis basis, only drugs were bought on cost  – recovery basis.

Patients were and still coming to the clinic from as far as Tombo, Shenge, Freetown, Koya and other distant places. For further detail on the clinic please visit the Dura Foundation Clinic at <Page to be added… please check back soon!>

Primary School

The Dura Foundation has since 2016/2017 academic school year been running a primary school named “Sidcot Primary School” (after Sidcot school, UK, who have sent uniforms and other equipment) in the Limba Corner Maroute Community mainly for children whose parents and guardians are financially – constrained to pay tuition fees in private schools. 

Sidcot School now has seven teachers, a head teacher and a roll of two hundred pupils. These children are provided with uniforms, books, pens, pencils and other materials at no cost – just to retain them in school in line with policies of government vis-à-vis right to primary education. For further detail on the school please visit the Dura Foundation Sidcot Primary and Secondary at <Page to be added… please check back soon!>

College (Tertiary Institution)

Cognisant of the essence of tertiary education in the development matrix of Sierra Leone, coupled with the fact that students in rural parts of the country should be able to access affordable, relevant and dynamic tertiary institutions within their doorsteps, the administration of Dura Foundation in 2017 considered it prudent to establish the “Dura Institute of Development and Management Studies (DIDAMS).

First located in Deep-Eye Water, off new Freetown Waterloo Highway, the campus has now been relocated to the ideal Quaker lodge at Limba Corner.

With splendid infrastructures and spacious landspace, DIDAMS is poised for future expansion. DIDAMS is now a registered tertiary institution with Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) and an affiliate of the internationally-renowned “Flowers School of Technology and Management” in UK, Germany and Ghana.

DIDAMS offers certificate and Diplomas for now in fields relating to Business Management Studies, Nursing and Public Health, Driving, Building, Construction and Electrical Installation and Social Work.

With Abdul Rahman Kamara as Proprietor/Principal, sizeable number of Lecturers, Instructors and Administrative Staff, coupled with a student roll of 100 plus, DIDAMS has on Saturday 14th July, 2018 had its first Matriculation and Graduation Programme. For further detail on the college please visit the DIDAMS College website at <Page to be added… please check back soon!>.


Values of compassion, passion, care, concern and empathy which underpin the formation of “Dura Foundation” are described above. 

The administration of the foundation is pleased and humbled in having a clinic, a school and a college within Constituency 111. The impact of these components has been very positive the lives of people not only within Constituency 111 and Western Rural Area, but also the country as a whole. Lest I forget, the Dura Foundation as part of its humanitarian work provided succour to victims especially children and women of the “Mortomeh landslide disaster” of August, 2017. Bales of clothes, cooking utensils, foodstuffs and toiletries at the cost of millions of Leones were donated to them.

However, in spite of Dura Foundation’s interventions in health, education and humanitarian sectors, there are still challenges to be addressed.


The administration of Dura Foundation would like to appeal to all for support for the following:

  1. Clinic: The Dura Foundation Clinic is in need of drugs, beds, ambulance, etc.
  2. School: The Sidcot Primary School urgently requires teaching and learning materials, finance for payment of staff and building materials for construction of additional structures.
  3. College: Dura Institute of Development and Management Studies (DIDAMS) appeals for help relating to computers, laptops; laboratory equipment, books and reference materials for the library, mobility like bus, vans and financial assistance.


If you would like to help us with our work please make a donation or, better still, a standing order for a regular contribution. Please use any of the options below: 

  1. Cheque payable to Dorothy Peace Centre and send to Dorothy Peace Centre, c/o Keswick Quaker Meeting House, Elliot Park, Keswick CA12 4TD
  1. Direct Bank Transfer Account number 28855345 sort code 56 00 36

<Paypal account to come – the webmaster of this site currently doesn’t know it!>

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